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  Dr. rer. nat. Martin Gugat
Time-Optimal Control: Algorithms based upon Moment Equations and Parametric Programming
  Michaela Schulze
Parameter Identification for Underdetermined Systems Arising in Option Pricing Models and Neural Networks
  Lars Abbe
A logarithmic barrier approach and its regularization applied to convex semi-infinite programming problems
Astrid Battermann
Mathematical Optimization Methods for the Remediation of Ground Water Contaminations
Marco Fahl
Trust-region Methods for Flow Control based on Reduced Order Modelling
Markus Schmidt
The Pricing of Financial Derivatives under Transaction Costs
Christian Schwarz
Computation of Confluent Hypergeometric Functions and Application to Parabolic Boundary Control Problems
  Ulrich Raber
Nonconvex All-Quadratic Global Optimization Problems:
Solution Methods, Application and Related Topics
Sergej Rotin
Konvergenz des Proximal-Punkt-Verfahrens für inkorrekt gestellte Optimalsteuerprobleme mit partiellen Differentialgleichungen